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Getty Images ‘Moment’ Collection

I’m a contributor to Getty Images and I recently received an invitation to submit stock photographs to a new collection, which Getty call ‘Moment’. More than a collection, Moment is a mobile app that is currently in BETA, which allows contributors to upload work shot specifically on a mobile device. It works like this: Getty create categories for contributors to submit images to. Some of the recent categories have included ‘European Farmers Markets’, ‘Carnival and Mardi Gras’ and as of today ‘Pancake Day’. The idea of Moment is to curate new images that contributors submit and not ones that have been shot in the past. In their own words:

"The reality is that every day you’re around things that our customers need and you have the experience, skills, knowledge to be able to capture these subjects in a creative and licensable way. We’re all constantly taking pictures with our phones and there are many tools available to shoot, craft and share mobile photos, yet our standard submission processes do not lend themselves to competing in the world of mobile photography. Moment will make that possible, while providing you with more frequent and targeted information to work from, freedom to create wherever and whenever you like, and simple processes that make it fun and easy to submit".


Another of the current categories to upload to is ‘Tech City UK’ which is otherwise known as Old Street in east London, which is convenient, because I live at Old Street in east London. On the way home from a trip to the local supermarket recently the evening sunlight was making this end of town look presentable for a change and of course I had my mobile phone with me which has a cameras function. So here are some of the results of my first submission to Getty Moment. I’m quite pleased with them but unfortunately the gentleman in the picture above didn’t feel the same way.